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If you are going to send me a message, please be polite and do not use any swear words. I also do not like confrontations, and I would rather keep everything civil. I would love to hear from you, even if you've just come to say hello.

If you have a long message, I would appreciate it a lot if you write me an email. Sometimes I may have time to discuss things with people, but there are also times when I am very busy and could not be bothered. Do not take it personally, though. My lack of immediate response is just a result of strict discipline toward myself. I hope you understand! :)

I am open to requests for freelancing or consultations regarding information systems. Please make it clear by mentioning it on the header. Thanks.

Some Contact Details
Email: nbanasihan at gmail dot com
ICQ: 395694078
Skype: nick.banasihan
XMPP: nickpuaho at