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Changing Faces

I built this site a few years ago, and I am glad that it could still serve some purpose to me. I realized that at this point, most of the time, all that I need is a site by which I can update people about certain things that are happening. All I needed was a blog site.

And so, I have been using Noah Verus for that. Interestingly enough, its features may have spoiled me. It was so easy to place pictures and things. But I think one important thing that I have on this site is a huge amount of control over how I want things to be done.

I wrote this site from scratch, including the backend (That obviously other people will not be able to appreciate) that I use to make it convenient for me to update this "blog area," to add new pages to the site, and to change the way this site looks without affecting the content so much.

This site has not been updated for such a long time, and my opinions and worldview may have changed. As such, I have taken out certain pages like the ones that make some of my short source code available. (Unfortunately, I have not been able to maintain this page, either.) I have also taken out my links and my advocacy page, which states my stand on open source software.

Rest assured, I still have my opinions regarding this, and why I think free and open source software is good. However, I am reconsidering whether it is really very necessary to have those things on my site.

It may come with my intentions, including maintaining this site in order to keep my resume. This includes all my achievements in all fields, not just specific ones. I may also make pages here that showcase my projects and efforts both individual and for Noah's Ark Interactive (a video game start-up that we are working on.)

Noah Banasihan

Moving and Keeping On

So, I haven't been updating this site in favor of my blog, Noah Verus. As such I am beginning to wonder if I should just start embedding that blog on this site. It would be much easier to maintain a single source of entries. Although I am considering this site to become a portfolio site. I haven't even updated the resume section.

Ever since November 2011, I respond to the nickname "Noah" rather than "Nick." What happened back then was positively life changing enough that the name is another way of reminding me and other people that I have moved into a new chapter of my life when I can't be the type of person I was. I simply could not return to that condition. I am much, much happier now. It would also make me happy if you start addressing me with that new name.

Now that makes it odd to still have "nickbana" as the name of the site. It might cause some confusion, but at this point I am thinking of sticking to the name. It might be harder to find the site if I keep changing things.

Noah's Ark Interactive
For more than a year now, I have been working on starting a video game company called Noah's Ark Interactive. At this point we are still developing our games. Hopefully there would be more progress to speak of later on.

Noah Banasihan


From two game projects, it came down to one project. The game is called Shush! and it is designed for touchscreen smartphones that have Java 2 ME. The game is just a simple casual game where you play the librarian and you have to keep students quiet in order to keep your job -- which means getting to continue playing the game.

Sometimes I feel that Java 2 ME is on the way out, although that not might exactly be the case. I have been considering moving on to Android, despite that I am still learning Java 2 ME. Heck, perhaps it would be great to be able to make these games run on many different phones.

So, it seems that the game production team I have assembled will be focusing more on mobile game development right now. It is a bit challenging, but the relatively limited technical specifications actually push us to be more creative when it comes to getting things done.

Nick Banasihan

Two Game Projects

I have finally decided to work on two games. One would be a mystery visual novel, and the other will be a casual game.

I expect that the casual game would be finished before the visual novel, since visual novels can take a long time to write. The casual game does not have a long backstory and neither does it have a storyline that needs to be followed... at least not a story that would require me to think of as carefully as the visual novel.

Cramming a visual novel into a device like a smartphone can be very challenging. I am trying to make both games work on a device at least like the Samsung Champ. Given such specifications, I might be in for quite a ride. But at least, I believe that the casual game would have a larger chance of being able to run on smartphones.

I hope I will be able to mention more about these things in the next coupld of months.

Nick Banasihan

My First Game Project

I have been playing around with Java 2 ME and my Samsung Champ for quite some time, and have finally learned the ropes for making some games for that system. I know, the hardware specifications of the Samsung Champ is probably not as good as other smartphones like the Samsung Wave, or the Samsung Galaxy 5 and S. However, being someone who is just starting out, that is all I have for now and I am going to make the most out of it.

But there is also a good side to it, of course. The fact that the hardware performance is not the best that there is forces me to work on my programs in the most efficient way possible. It keeps me from squandering resources. Actually, this fact has made me go back to really thinking about the algorithms I use.

At this point, I could not post anything yet, since I am still in the planning and designing stage. During the course of the production, however, I may upload some updates on this site.

Nick Banasihan

Older posts have been archived. I am still thinking of a way to properly make them available in the near future.
-- Nick